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Mahama: I faced difficult decisions as leader

Former President Mahama (middle) acknowledging the honour done him

Former President Mahama (middle) acknowledging the honour done him

Former President John Mahama has admitted that some of the hard

decisions he took while as President made Ghana one of the fastest

growing economies in the world.

He said but for those decisions, Ghana would have faced dire


Former President Mahama made the admission when he spoke as a

Special Guest of the New York Ministers Conference of the

Assemblies of God Church in the US.

He was awarded the “Superintendent’s Award for Outstanding

Christian Leadership” by the New York Ministers Network of the

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Assemblies of God Church at the event.

“It’s a difficult job being a leader, as President, I was faced

with many difficult decision points, but if those decisions were

not taken at the time, the results would have been dire for the


“Ghana, being the fastest growing economy was a result of some of

the decisions,” former President Mahama stressed.

In a Facebook post on his message to the gathering, the former

president noted “as a leader, you must focus on how to be a


“It is only then that when you’re faced with difficult decisions as

a leader, you will err on the side of what will propel your nation

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or your church or your institution forward,” he intimated.

While President Akufo-Addo has sought to take credit for the

achievement, his critics have attributed the gains to measures put

in place by former President Mahama before leaving office.

President Nana Akufo-Addo in his 61st Independence Day address said

“Ghana’s economy has grown from 3.6 per cent in 2016, the lowest in

22 years, to 7.9 per cent in 2017, and this year it’s expected to

grow at 8.3 per cent, which will make it the fastest growing

economy in the world.

“We will continue to manage the economy in a disciplined and sound


framework so that we maintain fiscal and debt sustainability. This,

in the end is fundamental to moving Beyond Aid,” he said.

But former President Mahama had suggested that credit be given to

him for the achievement.

He indicated that there are many positive developments on the

African continent which local media must highlight to get them

global attention.

“African economies are growing, IT innovation by Young Africans is

amazing and I can say that indeed Africa is rising.

Former President Mahama lauded the efforts of the Assemblies of God

Church for being very supportive of him especially when he lost the

2016 polls. –citinewsroom.com

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