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rihanna says trayvon martin could have been brother

RIHANNA has revealed her anger over the Trayvon Martin trial which threatens
to spark race riots in the US – saying the victim could have been her

She took to Instagram after George Zimmerman was cleared of shooting to death
the unarmed 17-year-old claiming the US criminal justice system was “phucked”.

The 25-year-old singer spoke out on the matter the morning after Zimmerman,
29, was found not guilty.

Times Square yesterdays protest

Times Square … yesterday’s protest

Posting a photo of Trayvon on Instagram, Rihanna wrote: “A child was
gunned down for no reason! And nothing about that sounds like murder? My
baby brother is 17, this rocked my whole s***!

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On Twitter she also said: “This is the saddest news ever!!! #whatsjustice

She added: “Only in America #TrayvonMartin”

The pop star then urged her 30MILLION followers to sign a petition to
the Department of Justice.

She also criticised the American justice system saying: “A system cannot fail
those it was never built to protect #JudicialFail”

Outrage poured from street demonstrations as protesters called for justice for
the victim.

In New York City, hundreds of protesters marched into Times Square on Sunday
night, zigzagging through the streets to avoid police lines.

Sign-carrying marchers thronged the busy intersection, chanting “Justice for
Trayvon Martin!”

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George Zimmerman smiles in court

Not guilty … George Zimmerman

Beyonce Knowles’ sister Solange held a rally for Trayvon to speak out against
the Zimmerman verdict on Sunday afternoon.

World heavyweight boxing champion Lennox Lewis also took to Twitter to express
anger at the verdict.

He said: “Let’s hope this doesn’t lead to the deaths of more black children.
How u respond is most important right now.”

George Zimmerman said he was defending himself and was cleared of second
degree murder and manslaughter at a court in Florida on Saturday.

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