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Tory MPs want to be restyled as party of workers

TORY MPs will today launch a new drive to re-style themselves as the party of
the workers, not the rich.

The campaign will target working class and ethnic minority voters outside the
South East in a desperate bid to boost support before the 2015 election.

A group of MPs will urge PM David Cameron to show he is on the side of hard-up
Brits by making the cost of living and jobs his top priorities.

Ideas include increasing the minimum wage, currently £6.19 an hour, and
slashing taxes for employers so they can pay for it.

The group wants fuel duty to be frozen until at least 2015, and costly
renewable energy targets axed to slash heating bills. It says councils
should get new powers to reduce benefit sanctions for unemployed Brits, to
take local job cuts into account.

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And to help more people get on the housing ladder, cities in the North would
be allowed to build on green belt land if locals were in favour.

MPs hope the ideas — set out in a pamphlet published today — will be included
in the Conservatives’ election manifesto.

Many fear that Tory MP Nadine Dorries’ description of David Cameron and George
Osborne as “two arrogant posh boys” has hit home with voters.

But campaign organisers believe the party’s dismal performance in the North
stems from the mass job losses the region suffered under Margaret Thatcher.

The new group, called Renewal, will be led by David Skelton, a former Tory
candidate for North Durham. It will be launched by Communities Secretary
Eric Pickles. Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin, Treasury Minister Greg
Clark and Wales Minister Stephen Crabb also back the campaign. MP Douglas
Carswell said the party must “fundamentally change” to survive.

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  • FOUR out of five new jobs are in industries where the average wage
    is less than £7.95 an hour, a TUC report revealed yesterday.
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    By DAVID SKELTON, Renewal campaign director

    TOO many people still think the Conservatives are the party of the privileged.

    The Tories can win the next election, but they have to show they’re doing more
    for working people in troubled economic times. That’s why I am launching

    The Sun was right to successfully campaign against the planned fuel duty rise.
    We think it should be frozen and if possible cut over the next few years

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    Government should be congratulated on lifting the lowest paid out of tax
    altogether, but they can build on that by raising the minimum wage and
    reducing employers’ taxes. Labour are out of touch on everything from
    welfare to Europe and immigration.

    That’s created an opportunity for the Tories to be the real workers’ party.