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adopting a child from ghana


Ghana requires that a couple must be married to adopt. Single women can adopt, but only if they are a citizen of Ghana. Males cannot, unless the man is the biological father.

The country also requires that a couple reside in Ghana three months before the adoption, although the courts can waive this.

Only orphans can be adopted from Ghana and brought to the US. 

A couple must be found eligible to adopt by the Department of Homeland Security, which requires interviews and visits at the home.

They need a Ghanaian Social Welfare Officer in the area they wish to adopt from. They are then matched with a child on the suggestion of the adoption agency in Ghana and may have a trial living period.

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The couple must provide documents – such as birth and marriage records – and the High Court then must approve the application.

It takes a year to complete an adoption in Ghana. An additional one to six months may be needed for the U.S. immigration visa process.

Before a child can travel to the US, they will need: a new birth certificate (with the new parents’ names), a Ghanaian passport and an US immigrant visa.