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kanye west s 750 000 lamborghini is crushed as it s trapped by girlfriend s electric gates

access_time May 16, 2013

He’s not been having the most successful of months. And just days after his stumble into a New York street


access_time September 9, 2010

MANILA, Philippines — Some victims in the botched hostage rescue of a tourist bus in the Philippines might

kotoko pip visiting mighty jets

access_time September 20, 2010

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vatican church st peter s basilica struck by lightning after pope resigns

vatican church st peter s basilica struck by lightning after pope resigns

access_time February 12, 2013 chat_bubble_outline 15 comments
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JOKERS flooded the net with Pope gags last night — here are a few:

The Pope is resigning. He will soon be known as Ex-Benedict.

The Pope’s pension is to be paid via PayPal.

To be fair I bet his boss is proper demanding. (Bob J Williams)

BBCSport: Peter Odemwingie spotted sitting in The Vatican car park demanding
to be let in. More to follow.

The Pope is hardly the first person to lose interest in their real job so
soon after joining Twitter. (Sixthformpoet)

That’s me in the corner, that’s me in the spotlight losing my religion… Pope
at karaoke. (D Litchfield)

ST PETER’S was struck by lightning in a freak display of nature that could
have been seen as a sign from God.

The Vatican’s holiest church was hit with the high-powered bolt just hours
after the Pope resigned.

Rome was lit up as a powerful electric storm passed through the city and
cameras caught the moment a ferocious bolt zig-zagged through the night sky
before striking the roof of the famous basilica.

The 500-year-old church is one of the most important holy buildings in the
Vatican and hosts many Papal ceremonies.

ROOF of holiest Catholic church St. Peter’s Basilica was hit by fierce bolt during an electric storm in Rome last night

Pope Benedict XVI stunned the world yesterday by standing down after eight
years as head of the Catholic Church at the age of 85.

Benedict – real name Joseph Ratzinger – claimed he was too frail to carry on
in the role.

His successor will be elected next month by 120 Catholic cardinals.

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